Surgery Center

Our Center was founded in 2008 to provide our patients and surgeons with the finest quality care while keeping our patients as comfortable and as involved in their care as possible. We at Florida Specialty Surgery Center understand the pain and nervousness that any impending procedure can present to patients and our goal is to eliminate as much of that as possible.

What Happens On The Day of My Procedure?

To provide everyone with the best possible care, our admitting coordinator will contact patients the day before their procedure. Then it is very important that patient arrives at the Florida Specialty Surgery Center 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time, and checks in at the reception desk in the lobby. After registering they will be escorted to the surgical lobby where the admitting coordinator will assist them in filling out any paperwork for the procedure. After completion of paperwork, one of our many exceptional nurses will begin the pre-operative assessment, getting the patient ready for their procedure.

Please feel free to ask any questions, and tell any of the staff about any special needs or concerns during your visit. We want your visit to be as convenient and comfortable as possible.