Treatments Offered

Treatments offered by our Physical Therapy Department

Electrical Stimulation (for pain, edema, or strengthening)
Iontophoresis with prescribed meds.
Paraffin Bath (hands)
Moist heat/ice
Manual Therapy- soft tissue mobilization/massage, myofascial release, joint/spinal
mobilization, manual traction
Gait Training with walkers, canes, crutches…
Balance Re-training
Mechanical traction
Therapeutic Exercise- customized strengthening, stretching, balance, functional activities…
Custom foot orthotics
Back brace fitting/ordering
Knee, ankle, wrist…brace fitting/ordering
TENS/NMES home units for pain management or neuromuscular strengthening
Prosthetic training
Sports/Ortho Rehab: Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, OA, RA…
Post op Rehab
Rotator Cuff, Joint Arthroplasty/Arthroscopy, Spinal Surgeries, Fractures

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